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The conference is intended to provide a forum for discussion and exchange of experience on current issues, recent developments and future in the areas related to Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture. The conference is addressed to academic researchers, designers, industrial practitioners, producers, contractors and also architects.

The conference topics include:

  • Building materials and technologies
  • Engineering and research of building materials
  • Design, realization and testing of building structures
  • Mechanics of building structures, material strength
  • Geotechnics, soil mechanics and foundations in civil engineering
  • Design, realization and maintenance of roads and bridges
  • Architectural and urban design
  • Building physics, energy efficiency in architecture and building engineering
  • Renewable energy sources
  • BIM in the design and realization of building structures
  • Architecture and construction of historic buildings
  • Geometrical shaping of building objects
  • Geodesy, surveying measurements in civil engineering
  • Chemistry in environmental engineering
  • Water management and infrastructure of water construction facilities
  • Water supply and sewage disposal on the scale of a building, housing estate, district, city
  • Water purification and protection in environmental engineering
  • Thermodynamics, heating and air conditioning in houses
  • Climate, meteorology, air pollution


The main goals of the Conference:

  • Presentation of considerations connected with the conference topics, in the form of conference speeches or poster presentations,
  • Scientific discussion related to conference issues,
  • Exchange of scientific experience in the areas of conducted research,
  • Establishing scientific contacts

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